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LIBRE-COURT: Head office: 25 route de Carquefou – 44300 NANTES

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Email address:contact@libre-court.com

RCS registration, number 533 720 694 RCS Nantes

General conditions of sale of the products sold onlibre-court.com

Date of last update 10/01/2023

These general conditions constitute a distance selling contract, defining the rights and obligations of the LIBRE-COURT company carrying out its activity under the LIBRE-COURT brand, and of the Customer in the context of the sale of the products referenced on the libre-COURT website. court.com

For any question or complaint relating to the products, to his order, to his personal data, to the application of the guarantee of the products and services, the Customer can contact the LIBRE-COURT company at the contact details given above.

All of the content of the aforementioned website is the property of LIBRE-COURT. Any full or partial reproduction of the website is prohibited, unless the company LIBRE-COURT gives its express and prior authorization.

General provisions

These conditions are concluded between the company LIBRE-COURT, and persons wishing to make a purchase via the website, hereinafter referred to as the "Site".

LIBRE-COURT is a micro-company whose activity is the sale of sports and/or customizable textiles on the Internet or through express group orders.

LIBRE-COURT is the owner of the logos resulting from the “markings” intended to transform the Products made available for sale.

LIBRE-COURT is an intermediary between the end Customer and the Supplier partners for the purpose of customizing “organic cotton textiles and sports textiles”. Customizations are carried out by screen printing, transfers, DTF, embroidery or any textile printing technique for the purpose of personalization and visual identity, for Individual and Professional Customers (companies, associations, sports federations).

The term Supplier refers to the company used by LIBRE-COURT and with which it maintains commercial relations for the purpose of honoring the Customer's express orders through the Website https://libre-court.com or any means that allowed contact between the Customer and LIBRE-COURT.

The Suppliers are not the Manufacturers of the Product(s). Suppliers make Products available to LIBRE-COURT before (in the case of fittings) or after processing after Libre-Court has received the purchase order from the End Customer.

Customers can be private customers who will identify themselves in the order space under the delivery address tab, but also professional customers. In this regard, professional Customers undertake to indicate their professional status when placing their order by entering a valid SIRET number and a reference address for invoicing and delivery.

The fact of placing an order implies the Customer's full and unreserved acceptance of the general conditions of sale set out below, to the exclusion of all other documents such as the Customer's impressions, prospectuses, promotional catalogs, visuals issued by LIBRE- SHORT and which have only an indicative value. In this respect, the validation of the order confirms the full acceptance of these conditions by the Customer.

In any event, LIBRE-COURT reserves the right not to satisfy any request from the Customer that is outside the scope of intervention or derogatory to its general conditions.

The fact that LIBRE-COURT does not avail itself at a given time of one of these conditions cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the right to subsequently avail itself of any of the said conditions. The cancellation of a clause of these general conditions will not affect the validity of the general conditions as a whole.


LIBRE-COURT is an intermediary in the sale of organic cotton, polyester, recycled polyester and recycled textile products from organic cuts for the purposes of non-substantial (marking) or customizable transformations. LIBRE-COURT is not the manufacturer of the products, nor are its Suppliers.

LIBRE-COURT takes the greatest care in putting information relating to the essential characteristics of the products online, in particular by means of technical descriptions emanating from information transmitted by its Supplier partners and photographs illustrating the products.

In any event, LIBRE-COURT cannot be held liable for any changes or errors concerning the description of the characteristics of the product purchased, unless, however, the essential characteristics of the product are affected.

Said product characteristics are communicated for information purposes before purchase and come from the product sheets provided by the partner manufacturers of the LIBRE-COURT marking suppliers.

The characteristics of the articles, descriptive notices, photographs or drawings on this site have no contractual value. It is stipulated by the manufacturers: “Non-contractual photos. The colors may vary slightly depending on the dye baths or the materials. Visuals and photos may show color variations from the physical product, depending on lighting or device settings.”


The Customer declares to have the capacity to conclude this contract, that is to say to be of legal majority, not to be under guardianship or curatorship and to have the legal capacity to commit himself personally or his company or association.

The Customer will place an order in accordance with the instructions given to him on the Site. He undertakes to complete the order, taking care to provide the necessary complete and accurate information. In any event, the Customer is responsible for the information entered when placing the order. In the event of an error in the wording of the recipient (complete identity, name, address, specifics), LIBRE-COURT cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery of the products. The costs of returning the products will be borne by the Customer.

The steps to conclude the sale on the Site are the following :

  1. The Customer fills in his personal details in the section "Create your customer account" , if the latter is not yet registered,
  2. The Customer chooses his products by clicking on the "Add to basket" tab, he will have been able to select the "Personalization" option if necessary when it has been activated by writing the text of his choice or "Heart option" to have a marking on the heart in the absence of that on the chest when the option is offered to him.
  3. The Customer confirms his order by clicking on "Finalize my order" ,
  4. The Customer enters his billing address and ticks “Use the same address” if the delivery address is identical. Otherwise, the Customer ticks “Use another address” and then fills in the mandatory fields.
  5. The Customer must tick the box “I accept the T&Cs” in order to be able to click on “Access to payment” .
  6. The order is subject to a summary that the Customer is able to check and access payment by clicking on the logo of the card with which he is making the purchase.
  7. The Customer makes the payment on the secure site of the financial partner LIBRE-COURT.

The payment of the order by the Customer will formalize in a firm and definitive manner the distance selling contract concluded with LIBRE-COURT and will be confirmed by email to the Customer.

Orders greater than 10 units: It is recommended and strongly recommended to place an order by email or through the Advice process when the quantities desired in the same order exceed 10 units.

Price / Payment / Deadlines

The website does not display a minimum purchase amount, the shipping costs are calculated according to the scales communicated by the Delivery Service Provider.

The selling prices of the products mentioned on the Site are indicated in euros, all taxes included, excluding transport costs.

Their amount is in any case indicated at the end of the online order, before its validation. The price invoiced to the Customer is the price specified on the order confirmation including the price of the products including VAT (according to current VAT) and the price of transport.

LIBRE-COURT being an intermediary in the personalization of textiles and itself dependent on the commercial and pricing policies of its partners and suppliers, it reserves the right to modify its selling prices at any time. However, no modification after the order is taken can be applied. The price applicable to the products ordered is that appearing on the Site on the day of the order.

LIBRE-COURT reserves the right to apply specific commercial operations, having a start date and an end date. In the event of a one-off promotion, the prices recorded will be those practiced during this period of time. Any purchase made before or after the implementation of a specific commercial operation, sales, or discounts, will be invoiced at the price indicated on the Site and will no longer be able to benefit from the specific and one-off price.

The method of payment is made exclusively by bank card from a French (Visa, Carte Bleue, MasterCard) or international bank . For any order from a foreign country, the payment can be the subject of a manual payment by Paypal or electronic transfer by transmission of IBAN LIBRE-COURT.

The amount of the order will be debited at the time of the order.

The obligation to pay is fulfilled insofar as the amount in euros is definitively credited to the benefit of LIBRE-COURT. No discount is applied.

Nevertheless, several scenarios can occur:

  • The individual orders specifically personalized products through the sales department and can, if necessary, pay by the following means:
    • Bank transfer
    • Paylib mobile application if it has one
    • Check
    • Paypal

The individual does not have a payment deadline. He pays for his purchases when ordering or in the event of agreement between the two parties, as soon as he becomes aware of the availability of the products ordered on delivery.

  • The professional (associations, sports leagues, companies) orders articles in quantities greater than 10 units and/or personalized articles and may, if necessary, pay by the following means:
    • Bank transfer
    • Check
    • Paypal

The professional will obtain a personalized quote after contacting them and formulating their needs through the Site. He must first pay, upon signing the estimate, a deposit not exceeding 10% of the amount of the order. The transition to invoicing occurs after mutual validation of the Bonds to Pull (BAT).

The validation of the BAT is done in 2 stages:

  • Prior express agreement by LIBRE-COURT written by email to the Professional Client
  • Final express agreement written by email by the Professional Client following the sending by LIBRE-COURT and acknowledgment by the Professional Client

In any event, the proof may be subject to 2 modifications at the written request of the Professional Client before final validation. Beyond 2 modifications, technical costs may be applied to the Professional Customer, costs the amount of which is set by the Supplier operating the marking of the personalized garments, which are themselves invoiced to LIBRE-COURT upon delivery of the goods. This amount will be communicated by email to the Professional Client before the invoice is issued.

The payment of the balance of the order will be made after validation of the proof with a maximum period of 45 calendar days. The goods ordered may then be subject to partial or total delivery before full payment of the balance of the invoice by the Professional Customer.

If this deadline is exceeded, a reminder email is sent by LIBRE-COURT to the Professional Client 24 hours after the maximum deadline has been reached. In the event of non-response and/or non-payment within 3 working days, a postal letter is sent by LIBRE-COURT to the professional Client. If payment has not been made within 7 days, a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt is sent. LIBRE-COURT reserves the right to initiate debt collection proceedings beyond a period of 60 days after issuance of the final invoice.

Product availability

The products are offered for sale within the limits of available stocks and supply possibilities. LIBRE-COURT being an intermediary in the sale of textiles, it is subject to the availability of the products of its partners and suppliers.

In the event that one of the products ordered is not available when preparing the Customer's order, LIBRE-COURT undertakes to contact the Customer by e-mail or telephone (if the contact details have been specified), in a period of 72 working hours from the date of his order in order to indicate to him in what time this product could, if necessary, be delivered.

In the event of impossibility of supplying a product within an acceptable period or of total rupture, end of series, discontinuation of marketing, it will be proposed to the Customer to refer to another product of quality, and equivalent characteristics or cancel his order. In the event of cancellation of the order of the product concerned by the Customer, the refund of the unavailable product will be made at the latest within 30 days following the collection of the sums paid by the Customer (30 working days, after crediting the sum initial). Reimbursement is made by electronic bank transfer to the coordinates specified by the Customer.

As these possible unavailabilities are totally beyond the control of LIBRE-COURT, LIBRE-COURT cannot be held liable for this.

Delivery / Reception

LIBRE-COURT products are offered for sale for online purchases shipped exclusively in metropolitan France. Requests for delivery of products in foreign countries (Europe or international) may be subject to a specific tariff quotation in terms of customs fees, transport, intermediaries in deliveries. LIBRE-COURT cannot be held responsible for an inappropriate additional cost outside Metropolitan France. LIBRE-COURT thus reserves the right to refuse any order whose delivery address is not located in metropolitan France.

Delivery times depend on postal delays. The average times presented are however estimated at 15 days after registration and payment, giving LIBRE-COURT time to process the registered order, have it produced individually, have it packaged, generate the shipment and then take into account the delivery by post. If we are prevented from making the delivery by an event of force majeure or a fortuitous event, the delivery period is extended according to the duration of the impediment.

Sales are made “ex-workshop”, for domestic sales and for group sales (individuals, associations, companies, sports federations).

The prices are denominated in euros and include VAT, packaging not included. They do not include transport, customs fees or insurance. For standard products, the prices in force on the day of the order are applicable.

(SEE GRAPHY) LIBRE-COURT acts as the Customer's agent for transport and delivery. LIBRE-COURT's obligation to deliver will be fully executed upon collection of the Products by the carrier. In the event that the Customer does not ensure the collection of a delivery, the Customer alone will bear the cost of the resulting costs (transport, storage, etc.) and the risk of theft or damage to the Products.

Delivery times are only indicative. They do not begin to run until the day on which LIBRE-COURT has received all of the information required to ensure the execution of the order and from the day on which LIBRE-COURT has received said payment and then given the order to execute the shipment of the goods for the purpose of delivery. LIBRE-COURT can only be held liable if delivery is not made within a reasonable time, after formal notice and subject to the provisions of the paragraph “guarantees and responsibilities”

In certain cases, in particular incorrect address or other problem on the Customer's account, LIBRE-COURT reserves the right to block the Customer's order until the problem is resolved.

Return / complaint conditions

Right of Return of Items

In accordance with the provisions of article L121-20-12 of the Consumer Code, the individual Customer has a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the Product(s) ordered to exercise, with LIBRE -SHORT, his right of withdrawal, without having to justify reasons or pay a penalty.
In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal within the aforementioned period, only the price of the Product(s) purchased and the shipping costs will be reimbursed, at the latest fourteen (14) days following the date on which the right was been exercised.

The Products must be returned in their original condition and complete (tried on but not worn) in packaging identical to that used during shipment.
The Customer exercises his right of withdrawal directly from LIBRE-COURT at the following address:

25 carquefou road
44300 NANTES (France)

Our customer service is available by email on this subject.

Once this period has passed, no item will be taken back, exchanged or refunded.

Non-compliance of items with Customer expectations

Libre-Court makes every effort to transmit any information that could be useful to the Customer in his purchasing process in a clear and accessible manner using photos and product characteristics.

Beyond the legal period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the Product(s) ordered (see above-mentioned article), Libre-Court cannot be held liable in the following cases:

  • Size error: all the information is in the “size guide, certifications and washing instructions” chapter. It allows the Client to make an informed choice.
  • Content of the Products order tab personalization text that caused the complaint. The Customer is responsible for the text entered on the order tab if he ticks the “Personalization” box. Respect for case (upper and lower case) and the chosen spelling are subject to an entry which cannot bind LIBRE-COURT in the event of an error. LIBRE-COURT reserves the right not to accede to requests for personalized markings if they undermine the dignity of the person (Articles 225-1 to 225-26 of the Penal Code).
  • Washing: the washing instructions can be consulted on the product sheets in the chapter “size guide, certifications and washing instructions”. They are also reported on the label of the neckline of each article. This information is communicated by the manufacturer and made available to the Customer by Libre-Court.
  • Defective marking or product defect: Libre-Court carries out a systematic quality control of each item ordered and delivered to the Customer in order to ensure compliance and an identical character to its description. This control is carried out both on the hold and the texture of the marking chosen (selected material described on the Product sheet) and on the intrinsic characteristic of the Product. In the event of defective marking or a defect in the garment, Libre-Court cannot be held liable for the conditions of maintenance, washing or storage of the Product which gave rise to the cause of the complaint.

In any case, in the event of a complaint, the Customer may file it directly with LIBRE-COURT at the following address:

25 carquefou road
44300 NANTES (France)

Our customer service is also available by email on this subject.

Warranties and Liability

LIBRE-COURT's essential obligation is to deliver the Products in conformity with and identical to the description presented on the Site (colour, size, material) and in its Product catalogue.

(See GRAPHY) Any Product delivered by LIBRE-COURT benefits from a guarantee covering:

  • non-compliance of the Product with its specifications,
  • Any hidden defect rendering the Product unsuitable for normal use.

LIBRE-COURT does not guarantee the hidden defects of the Product sold to its private and professional Customers.

Subject to mandatory rules, LIBRE-COURT's liability and guarantee are limited, at LIBRE-COURT's option, to replacement or reimbursement of the price including VAT of the Products, regardless of the basis of the Customer's claim for compensation. The Client shall exempt LIBRE-COURT from all liability and shall indemnify LIBRE-COURT in the event that LIBRE-COURT is condemned for the benefit of a Third Party linked to the execution by LIBRE-COURT of the contract entered into with the Client, insofar as LIBRE-COURT is condemned towards the Third Party for an amount greater than that which results from the General Conditions.

Good to know :

  • You can return your order directly with the delivery box or original packaging pouch.
  • If the purchase amount of your order is less than €24.90, delivery costs are non-refundable.

Intellectual property

All documents, products, photographs, texts, logos, drawings, videos, etc. are subject to copyright and are protected by the Intellectual Property Code.

Our users undertake not to make any use of these documents that is likely to infringe the industrial or intellectual property rights of the supplier and undertake not to disclose them to any third party, except with express and prior authorization given by FREE-COURT.

force majeure

In the event of the occurrence of an event of force majeure, fortuitous event or external cause, in particular due to fires, floods, total or partial strikes, business closures, travel restrictions, voluntary damage, theft, changes in regulations , impossibility of being supplied with raw materials, disruptions in energy supply, malfunctioning or interruptions of electrical or telecommunications networks, etc. LIBRE-COURT will be released automatically and without compensation from its obligation to deliver and from the date of occurrence of the events and undertakes to notify the Customer as soon as possible. In this regard, LIBRE-COURT will inform the Customer as soon as possible by any means of the event of force majeure making it impossible to perform its obligations.

LIBRE-COURT cannot be held responsible for damage, temporary or permanent, caused to the Customer's computer system or for any loss or damage that may be suffered in particular following access to or browsing on the Site. The transmission of data via the Internet may lead to the appearance of errors and/or the fact that the site is not always available. Consequently, LIBRE-COURT cannot be held responsible for the availability and interruption of the online service.

Customer's obligations

The Customer is required to check the condition of the Products upon receipt. The Customer must immediately issue the necessary reservations to the carrier, confirmed by LRAR, in the event of loss, theft, delay or deterioration of the Products. In the absence of reservations made with the carrier or within 24 hours of receipt, LIBRE-COURT cannot be bound by any guarantee and, in the event that this negligence is detrimental to LIBRE-COURT, the latter may claim from the Customer all compensation.

The conformity of the Products is assessed exclusively with regard to the specifications appearing on the acknowledgment of receipt of the order or on a document signed by LIBRE-COURT. In the absence of express and written reservations, within 8 days of receipt of the Products by the Customer, the Products will be deemed to comply in quantity and quality. Any complaint that is not written or made after the deadline will be considered null and void. In the event of shortages, LIBRE-COURT will have the possibility, at its discretion, either to ensure an additional delivery or to issue a credit note equal to the price of the shortages. In the event of a duly proven lack of conformity, LIBRE-COURT will replace the Products delivered as soon as possible and at its expense, subject to the provisions of the paragraph “warranties – liability”

Transfer of ownership and risks – retention of title – intellectual property

The transfer of ownership of the Products to the benefit of the Customer is only carried out after full payment of the price, and this regardless of the date of delivery of the said Products. The transfer of risks will take place upon delivery.

Unless otherwise agreed, no intellectual property rights relating to the Products or associated with the Products are transferred to the Customer.

The use of the products will be carried out under the Customer's responsibility.

Under these conditions, the Customer is required to maintain the product in good condition, to use it in accordance with its intended purpose.

In this respect, the Customer is advised not to make any modifications to the product.

IT and freedom

LIBRE-COURT collects, records, changes, uses and transmits personal data of Internet users in the context of the execution of orders placed on the site, Customer relations, Customer advice and services as well as for the preservation of the commercial interests of LIBRE. -SHORT, especially for the purposes of preserving evidence. Insofar as it is necessary for the performance of the obligations of LIBRE-COURT, the latter transmits personal information to third parties, for example the carrier.

The Customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him in accordance with the French law "Informatique et Liberté" No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978. To exercise this right, he just send a letter to the following address: LIBRE-COURT – 11 Mail Haroun Tazieff – 44300 NANTES (address to modify moving) or to the following e-mail address: romainsuire@hotmail.fr (address to modify if generic e-mail address CL)

By registering on the Site, the Customer undertakes to provide sincere and true information concerning him. The communication of false information is contrary to these general conditions as well as to the conditions of use appearing on the site.


Applicable law – Prescription – Attribution of jurisdiction

The parties agree that all actions taken hereunder by the individual or professional Client are time-barred by one year pursuant to article 2254 of the Civil Code.

Any dispute or dispute will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Nantes.

The contract will be governed and interpreted according to French law.